What kind of bigotry is the most painful to YOU, personally? Not saying what's objectively worst because fuck the oppression olympics, but what do you take the most personally?


bigotry from someone who knows better because they suffer it from above. the idea that someone can be a victim of oppression and then turn around and help grind someone else down and make excuses for why it’s okay when they do it makes me feel like there is no fucking point to activism because all we will ever do is change around who the victims are.

that’s why i’m so mean to SJWs. they are the harbingers of complete social futility. they are that little sting moment at the end of a scary movie where it seems like everything’s ok again until the hand comes punching out of the grave and the violins go crazy.



If you say one kind of joke is off limits that means all jokes are off limits. That’s why I’m okay with all jokes; you can’t limit humor. Are some jokes offensive? Yes. Is there a time and place for all jokes? Yes and you have to be careful which jokes you use where. But you can’t deny one joke because every topic could offend someone everywhere so if you deny one you have to deny all jokes. That’s why I’m okay with rape jokes OCD jokes eating disorder jokes and all of that. I don’t particularly like them..at all…but if you deny one you deny all of them. Just saying.

and let’s remember it is perfectly okay to be offended by one type of joke but not other types of jokes and it’s perfectly okay to politely ask others not to joke about a certain topic around you.

What’s not okay is insisting no one can joke about a certain topic ever. Humor is subjective. Not to mention many people use jokes and humor to cope with bad situations



contrary to popular (read: straight) belief, choosing your gender or sexuality instead of being “born that way” is both possible and valid

Thanks for supporting gay reparative therapy.  When you say sexuality is a choice, you’re directly contributing to the incredibly high suicide rate among gay teens who are constantly being told by fundamentalist parents and preachers that they simply need to choose to be straight and failure to do so makes them weak and deserving of eternal torture.

I hope your special snowflake oppression points are worth it.

how it feels to work with me on a project

"oh so the deadline is next week? no problem im almost done"

"wait hang on i think i might need another week."

"maybe two…"

"actually, i might finish this tonight."

"nevermind im kind of busy. next week okay?"

"i only have one part left to write!"

"ill finish this tomorrow. expect the final draft by wednesday okay?"

"what was the deadline again?"

"okay i know its three in the morning but heres your completed script"